Saturday, July 14, 2007

Esmee Denters- From Youtube to Timberlake

Esmee Denters started out posting videos of herself singing on Youtube. The webcam videos were grainy, but her voice shone through. One year later, the eighteen year old has signed with Justin Timberlakes recording company and even opened for Justin's concerts.

Esmee's myspace page is here. She wrote "Growing up, my dad was always playing music and it spoke to me and my sister. Even as little girls we would sing constantly. I fell so in love with singing that sometimes my own mother would go crazy from me singing too much! “Quiet, Esmée, please!” LOL! The truth is, from a very young age I never thought people would actually like my voice. I sang alone most of the time, in my room pretty much. Some of my friends said I had a good voice, but I never believed them. But recently, I saw a few people singing on and I thought, maybe I’ll just try it. And I did….and I loved it! "

Talk about talent. Here's the wikipedia article on Esmee Denters.

Here are some videos of Esmee singing.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Annoying Guy Confesses...nice ending

"I think I was always misunderstood. People didn't seem to like me..."

Foggy Landing at Heathrow Airport

Leaving your life in the hands of technology.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Japanese Tradition videos

Here's more funny "The Japanese Tradition" parody videos. Enjoy

Innovative Bike Lift from Norway

Ever need a lift when biking up a hill? Here's a solution from Norway. To use the lift, you just rest your foot against a moving step that moves uphill.